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12 years later and why paper still wins

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

As the title of this post states, "12 years later" is exactly that. This isn't my first ever blog post, but it is my first ever "new blog" post. See, when I started Ginger P. Designs in 2011 blogs were one of the best ways to get your content out there... Instagram and Pinterest were VERY new (both came out in 2010 if you were wondering). Sometimes I cringe while looking at it but "Just Add Ginger" was the name of my original blog - and yes I did link to it as curious minds want to see.

So why am I starting this new blog? Good question. While things like Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, even our own website are amazing tools to showcase your work - things can get lost or hard to find, or out of order. A captivating blog reminds me of a sentimental greeting card or a favorite book ~ if you love it, you will keep it in a safe space and keep coming back to it. And that's why I am coming back to the blog life. It's why our customers always come back for that sentimental greeting card or beautiful invitation - because we all know they're BETTER THAN A TEXT, CUTER THAN AN EMAIL. And gosh that blog post can be bookmarked forever -- reminds me of a written out recipe card from your grandma, ripped out magazine inspiration, or that college notebook you just can't get rid of. And that's why paper is always what we come back to. Paper wins.

Now that we have a place again to bookmark special moments... Our local news station stopped in last holiday season to check in on what we have to offer. The holidays are a magical time to share sentiments or keepsakes including custom cards, gifts, and greeting cards. Here is the link to that.

Our new Oh Christmas Tree cards are one of my favorite designs we introduced this season available to our customers online or in the shop and to our wholesale retailers as well. Love the classic tree mixed with the non-traditional colors.

Christmas Tree holiday cards and red envelopes
Oh Christmas Tree Greeting cards

I'm here to simply say it feels good to be back. Putting our thoughts and ideas out there in blog form (the closest thing to paper I have found in this digital age). Thank you for checking in, will be back for more! xo, Gina

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